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Unfortunately accidents happen and someone may get injured. FIES is ready to provide the engineering evaluation of the apparent cause of the accident. It might be a product, maintenance issue, construction defect or negligence related cause. Only a professional evaluation by a well seasoned engineer can provide the valued information required to determine the cause. Sometimes what seems the most obvious is not actually the true cause. If there is any question, give us a call and we will find the cause.

FIES is fully prepared and qualified to provide legal assistance and expert testimony in preparing for the legal process. In many cases our definitive report can be instrumental in shortening the legal process in clarifying facts to accommodate a mutually beneficial settlement for all parties.

The professional services of FIES are only a call or email away!


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Fraser Engineering and Design Services (FEDS)

To service the ongoing demand for design services. FEDS was developed as the architechtural engineering arm of FIES. Our vast experience in preparing plans for client projects engables us to provide excellent buildable design at a reasonable fee. See our design section for more information. We are ready to assist you.

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