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Fraser Investigative Engineering Services has a secure facility for evaluating equipment suspected to be the cause of fire or other failure.  Analytical testing and evaluation can be performed for items as small as a toaster to as large as a tractor. 

Overhead lifting capacity is available for as much as 4,000 pounds and material handling is available for pieces up to 25 feet long and 12 feet high.  Our facility ceiling height is 18 feet high.

Testing equipment includes high temperature water, high temperature flame generation, compressed air and water from 0 PSI to 160 PSI, AC and DC electrical power supply and testing and structure testing.

Ample space is available for the tear down of equipment and our equipment is ample to provide all the requirements for a successful evaluation.

FIES also has trucking and handling equipment to retrieve any evidence or equipment.  Interior contained and secure storage is available to retain valuated materials until evaluation activities commence and after.  Stored materials are logged and labeled, and then placed in containers or covered to prevent damage for future evaluation.  Packaging, shipping and chain of custody tracking is also available.  Storage fee pricing is affordable and based on size and space the evidence occupies within the facility.

Our state of the art laboratory provides technical analyses which support the origin and cause of the loss.

Fraser Investigative Engineering evaluates evidence of a dryer fire
Dryer fire evaluation

Be sure to think of FIES for your retrieval evaluation, storage, shipping requirements, site evaluation services.

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To service the ongoing demand for design services. FEDS was developed as the architechtural engineering arm of FIES. Our vast experience in preparing plans for client projects engables us to provide excellent buildable design at a reasonable fee. See our design section for more information. We are ready to assist you.

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